Miss Sparklefun is an amazing children’s entertainer !!!!
My son Reggie loved every minute of the show and so did all of the other kids!!!!
So if your looking for fairy wands, magic, laughter and lots of sparkles she is the one.

 Miss Sparkle is the absolute best! We hired for my daughter, Juniper’s 4th birthday in the garden at the George Payne. The party was perfect and the icing on the top was Miss Sparkles fun, energy and laughter she brought to the kids. She is very imaginative with games, dancing, magic, fairy dust and tattoos and kept the kids enthralled. I will definitely be booking her again!! Even for my birthday ���� Sarah xxxxxxx    September2018

Miss Sparklefun provided the entertainment at a delightful 6 year old’s birthday party that my son attended over the weekend. It was a truly magical party! There was a large mixed group of boys and girls, and they were all entranced and really had so much fun! It was lovely to see how engaged they all were throughout, and their little faces just radiated their enjoyment! Miss Sparklefun has an amazing rapport with children, and her sense of fun and magic really captivated all the children there ~ it was lovely to watch!    October2017

Miss Sparkles provided the entertainment for my daughter’s 3rd birthday party. She brought fun and laughter to the party and had the children’s attention all the way through her show, making the adults laugh as well. She is a natural at entertaining children and has a dynamic approach.  She engaged all the children who were different ages and some were mainstream children and some have additional needs. Thank you Miss Sparkles. Best wishes Jo xx

Working with you is always such a pleasure! I never cease to be amazed at the fun and antics you get up to and how every child at each party is swept onto an adventure with you!

Looking forward to the next time:D Julia:) x

Just a wee note to say thank you for providing such top class children’s entertainment @ my son’s recent pirate party in Hangleton.  We had such amazing feedback from all the parents there and the children were quite obviously in 7th heaven. Your show was brilliant,  energetic,  enthralling and captivated all the children from the ages of 1 to 7yrs. Will thoroughly recommend you. Thanks again, Dee V

Enthralling, captivating and high energy! Great work Pirate Sparklefun! E.W.

We booked Miss Sparkle for our daughter’s 4th birthday party. She led all the kids on a lively, imaginative adventure of pirates, princesses and puppets with games aplenty. Everyone loved it. It was an easy decision to book her for our other daughter’s 6thbirthday. Amazing.

Thank you everybody for all your kind words.xxx


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