SparkleFun Parties

Sparklefun Parties are bespoke parties planned around your child’s favorite characters, games, music and personality type & age.

Some children, especially very young children, can be overwhelmed at thier own party and become quite shy or even upset. I am very sensitive in these situations, entertaining with a gentle approach; quieter music and a lovely engaging funny puppet show.  Other children want to be the STAR of the show, and so are chosen to help in the puppet show and chase the naughty pirate away, be my magic assistant and have the birthday bumps in the rainbow parachute.
Children love to use their own imagination and my show is very interactive and playful, taking the children on a creative journey to magical lands to include party games, puppet show, treasure hunts, magic, bubbles, special balloon models & parachute games.

One Hour Party

Under 15 guests – Price  £100

Includes …
  • magic
  • games with music & prizes
  • special balloons for each child
  • dancing with bubbles
  • parachute games
  • Puppet show
Sparklefun The Pirate enthralls the children

One Hour Party

Over 15 guests – Price £120

All party plans are flexible and can be changed to meet specific requests

Two Hour Party – Price £150

Includes …
  • Traditional Party Games with music
  • Magic show
  • Parachute Games with Birthday Bumps Fun
  • Glitter Cannon
  • Treasure hunt with gifts for everyone
  • Tattoos
  • Balloon animals for each child to take home
  • Puppet show
Sparklefun Theme Parties
Theme parties are the most popular and I can devise and tailor parties on any theme;

Fairies, pirates, knights, princesses, super heroes, witches and wizards, disco & sparkle to name just a few.

Example Fairy Party

I arrive as Sparklefun The Fairy God Mother or Fairy Sparklefun, and sprinkle my fairy dust and bestow fairy blessings.  We dance and fly around to fairy music. each child is given a fairy tattoo or magic wand balloon.  I then tell a story using the puppets,  we do fairy magic and fairy spells and find the fairy treasure.

Example Pirate Party

I arrive as Pirate Sparklefun and introduce myself to the pirate crew. We board the ship and do some Pirate training and  pirate dancing.After training as a pirate, each pirate receives a balloon sword or pirate tattoo.  Its then pirate puppet show time, magic and treasure hunts and parachute bumps for the birthday pirate.

Other Important Information

Entertainment from 2 to 8 years.  Can do toddler parties with lots of action songs, bubbles, dancing & balloons.  Drama parties, mini discos, team games or yoga for older kids.

C. R.B  checked, N.N.E.B. trained Nursery Nurse & trained Kids yoga teacher with Calm for Kids, BA in Drama & Media Studies, Equity Member.

Can travel within a radius of 30 miles from Hove in Brighton.

Please contact me for further information & booking inquiries.

07944 301948 or 01273 880490